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We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those clients, (along with their friends and relatives) and industry bodies who have taken it upon themselves to bestow us with awards, certificates, letters, emails, phone calls and sms of appreciation, referral and thanks for our work. Here are (just some) examples in various sections.

Wedding Services and Receptions and Engagement Parties

Alexandra and Giorgio (Engagement Party, Wedding Service and Reception)

What a guy! Great party! We are so happy we got you to DJ both our engagement party, wedding service and reception. Your professional yet friendly manner won over even my parents, which is no mean feat! I know my brother has already booked you for his wedding and I think one of my cousins, too. Well done, congrats and thanks again.

Alexandra and Kym (Wedding Reception)

Kym and I would like to thank you so much for all your hard work at our wedding reception. We had a brilliant time, as did all our guests. The music was fantastic...your song rating system was spot-on! We would not hesitate to recommend your very professional service to other friends and family. Thanks again.

Allison and Marcus (Wedding Reception)

On behalf of Allison and myself, I would like to send my sincere thanks for your efforts as DJ at our wedding. Your professionalism and attention to detail contributed to what was a special evening.

Barbara and Tony (Wedding Reception)

I wanted to say thank you so much for the superb job you did as MC and DJ at our wedding reception. You helped make both the day (and night) a truly magic and memorable time for us and our guests.

Bev and Greg (Wedding Reception)

I did want to drop you a note to say hi and and a big thank you. The party rocked and so many people had an absolute ball as you would know from your sober view from the stage. To say that we were absolutely wrapped with the music and your involvement is an understatement. It all went like clockwork and Greg and I had every confidence in you that it would. It certainly adds to the memory of the day. I have kept your card for referral.

Caroline and Jack (Wedding Service and Reception)

A big thank you for doing such a bang-up job at our wedding and reception. Your attention to detail was noticed by many and paid off in helping make our day such a stand-out success. (And we all had a lot of fun, too).

Carrie and Peter (Wedding Reception)

Thank you so much for providing such a professional DJ and MC service for our recent wedding reception. I know you did such a great job as both my sister and my auntie have booked you for their weddings.

Charmaine and Tyler (Engagement Party)

Another fabbo job, Mike. I reckon you were even better than you were at my 30th birthday! I know Tyler was pretty impressed, and he's really hard to impress! Can't wait to see how you can possibly better that at our wedding! See you then.

Charmaine and Tyler (Wedding Reception)

Ok, you left me gobsmacked! Wow! I now reckon you're a great DJ AND MC. You even got my brother to dance for the 2nd time in his life...and you were the one who did it at my 30th! I think you must have run out of cards from my friends asking you to DJ their wedding. Tyler and I would like to thank you soooo much for the fabbo work you did in making our reception a blast!

Helen and Adam (Wedding Reception)

Thank you so much for providing a most professional service and going beyond the call of duty of what a DJ does. You helped make the evening a great success and people all gave positive comments on your professionalism.

Jessica and Craig (Wedding Service and Reception)

Just a little note to say thank you so much for being part of our wedding and reception. You did a fantastic job as MC/DJ. Everyone we spoke to said that it was the most amazing wedding that they had ever been to. Thanks again.

Jules (not Julie) and Davis (Wedding Service and Reception)

On behalf of my wonderful hubby and myself, we just had to once again gush about the fab time all had on our wedding day. We partied down the aisle and on to the reception and you had us dancing to the car at the end. It was fun, swish and oh so professional. Even writing this takes me back and makes me smile more. You're a legend! A million thank you's.

Julie and Chris (Wedding Reception)

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for being a fantastic DJ at our wedding reception. Your help and professionalism ensured that we and our guests thoroughly enjoyed the night and it flowed beautifully. We really enjoyed the photos you took and put on the Star Australia website. We would have no hesitation in recommending you in the future.

Katherine (Katy) and Mattea (Engagement Party)

After the superlative work you performed at our engagement party, I only wish we could have afforded to fly you to our wedding reception in Bali. Seriously, we had such a ripper of a time we actually thought about it! Thanks again.

Katherine and Lyle (Engagement Party and Wedding Reception)

Well...you blew us away! We loved your work at our engagement party (that's why we booked you for our wedding) but you surpassed all possible expectations at our wedding. Wow! Professional, respectful and courteous MC that made the night flow plus a DJ that had everyone up on the floor at some stage in the course of the night and many all night long. The only negative was all the sore feet the next day!. Thanks for all the things you did to make an invaluable memory for both us and our guests. The photos on the web were a nice touch. I think you undercharged us.

Lea and Brendan (Simmo) (Wedding Reception)

We would both like to sincerely thank you again for all your help and advice with our wedding and making the night such a smooth running event. You were very professional and a great MC. We had lots of positive comments about you. Thanks for the photos you took. They were great.

Leah and Rob (Wedding Reception)

Thank you so much for your services at our wedding reception. Leah and I really appreciated your excellent advice in the pre-event meeting. Your work on the night was great, both as quizmaster and DJ. The music selection, lighting and sound quality/volume was spot-on. Our guests had a fantastic time. It was great to see so many people dancing throughout the evening. Your standards of excellence and professionalism contributed to making our wedding reception bloody brilliant. We have no hesitation recommending you to anyone we know who may be planning entertainment for an event.

Lisa and Carmino (Wedding Reception)

You did such a fabulous job at our wedding reception we just had to say thank you in writing. We (and I'm sure our family and friends) would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others. 

Megan and Dwayne (Wedding Reception)

Thank you so much for MC-ing our reception. Everyone loved the atmosphere. It was awesome! Wonderful job!

Paula and Guy (Wedding Reception)

Mike, thanks to you our wedding reception was better than we planned. As a testament to your work, I know my sister Wendy booked you straight away for her wedding, as did Guy's best man for his. I believe that both did so before our reception finished. You really helped make our night and I wish you every success (all of it deserved) in the future.

Michelle and Roger (Wedding Reception)

Thanks for doing a great job at our wedding, playing a great variety of music and making sure the night ran without a hitch. Everyone had a great time and had sore feet from dancing all night. Will recommend you to others.

Sheron and Paul (Vowel Renewal Reception)

Thank you for everything Mike, you are a wonderful DJ and I would highly recommend you to all my friends.

Susan and Keith (Wedding Reception) 

Even though we all knew in advance that we wouldn't have Keith with us for long after the wedding day, I and both families have wonderful memories to treasure of a very special day, in which you played such a wonderful part in a sensitive and respectful manner. You are a true gentleman and a fantastic entertainer with a big heart. Thank you. On behalf of Keith and myself, I would be honoured if you would put these words of referral on your website.

Tina and Peter (Wedding Service and Reception)

Mike is fantastic and he definitely has lots of experience acting as an MC. In my experience if you have to have a good MC, it definitely makes a difference for your big day. He has plenty of ideas for you to choose from and he has professional equipment.

Trisha and David (Wedding Reception) 

On behalf of David and myself, along with all of our guests, I'd like to thank you so much for the terrific job you did as MC and DJ at our wedding reception. Several of our guests are getting married over the next couple of years and they all want you for their's! A few of our recently married guests said they wish they had had you at their wedding instead of who they booked. Your attention to detail was superb. I can't believe you're not booked out in advance for years! 

Wendy and Tom (Wedding Service and Reception) 

To the consummate professional MC and DJ who made the best day even better! Mike, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the way you made our day and night, from the guest arrival for the ceremony through to the waiting limousine at the end of the night. We appreciate the level of detail and service you provided to us and our family and guests. To say that we would quickly (and without hesitation) recommend you would be an understatement.

Birthday Parties

Charmaine (30th Birthday Party)

Thanks a bunch for the fabbo work at my 30th. You even got my brother to dance with me and my friends...and he doesn't dance (well I guess he does now). All my friends said you were the best DJ they had ever heard and I agree. I loved the way you went through the night with me at the meeting before. You delivered on everything you promised and then some. I want you to DJ my next party (which I'm hoping is my engagement). Thanks again.

Christine and Catherine and Christie (Combined 40th Birthday Party)

On behalf my "sisters" and myself (and also everybody who was at our birthday party), thank you for doing a great job. It was a very special evening.

Christy (30th Birthday Party)

What can I say but thank you, thank you, thank you! All my friends and relatives from Adelaide, interstate and overseas loved the night and the music you played so much that it was the focus of discussion during the bbq the following day. I loved the fact that many of my guests were singing the last song in the parking lot afterwards!

Dane (30th Birthday Party)

All I can say is thank you so much for turning what was an intimate party into a huge success. The fact that we kept extending the night was testament to the fact that you had us enjoying ourselves so much we didn't want it to end! What great memories of a fantastic night. Thanks again.

Deb (70th Birthday Party)

It was great to have someone of your experience and who clearly loves what they do. I have a very large circle of business contacts and friends who will all be told what an excellent job you did. Thanks again and hopefully we will see you at another celebration.  

Deborah (50th Birthday Party)

Mike, I know that the night was mainly a network-thingy and the venue had absolutely nowhere to dance, but I thought I'd let you know that I had a wonderful time and the music was perfect. So many of my friends commented about the music and said they had wished the party would have continued for that reason alone. You had us dancing in the parking lot afterwards. Next time I'll book a bigger and more appropriate venue with somewhere to dance.

Eleanor (60th Birthday Party)

Both myself and Reg would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the wonderful way you presented yourself as MC and the fabulous entertaining you carried out as DJ. I see now why we had the pre-function meeting. I think it's the attention-to-detail we noticed most on the night. We are looking for an excuse to hire you again in the not-too-distant future.

Eva (40th Birthday Party)

I cannot thank you enough for making a truly fantastic night. Your music had me surrounded on the floor by my kids, my parents and my best friends. I wish you the very best of success in your business as you certainly deserve it. Many thanks.

Francine (30th Birthday Party)

There's so much I could say about my party, and the great time we all had, and 4 words seem insufficient, but thank you very much. 

Giorgio (30th Surprise Birthday Party)

My folks had me spinning with a party that included a great DJ! You know your stuff. Well done and thanks.

Heidi (21st Birthday Party)

I must admit I didn't know what to expect and nothing prepared me for the blast we all had. If my mates weren't dancing they were singing! I will never forget that party for as long as I live! You got the oldies to rock on with the rest of us! Soooo cool! Excellent. Thanks heaps.

Jade and Jaclyn (Combined 30th Birthday Party)

We had a fantastic time at our birthday and wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you. I can't believe you can tell us apart so easily (despite our best efforts to fool you). It was a fun night.

Jackie (50th Birthday Party)

To a nice guy (who looks really good in a suit) and knows how to get people to enjoy themselves. And dance? I haven't danced so much in over 10 years! And it's all down to you and your choice of music. I can see how you can do this for a living. You must be a busy man. Well done and my thanks to you.

Jane (40th Birthday Party)

Just wanted to say thank you for Saturday night. We had lots of fun and the music was great. Thanks again.

Kath (21st Birthday Party)

I didn't want the night to end! G-r-e-a-t music and perfect choices made for the best time! Many of my friends want you for their party! Thanks again, dude! You ROCK!

Kyle (21st Birthday Party)

Yo, my man! A fatt time was had by all and in a big way, thanks to you. Loved the selection. My party went off!

Kylie (30th Birthday Party)

I can see how you can do this for a living. You blew me (and many of my guests) away with your selection of music. Class act. Keep it up! Well done and thank you so much.

Leonora (60th Birthday Party)

Mike, on behalf of my guests (and myself), thank you for a wonderful evening. You truly are a very special man, who is obviously extremely good at his chosen profession.

Lisa (Surprise 30th Birthday Party)

As much as Ken is a sneaky little bugger and I had no clue of the party I was walking into, I had the best night. That was in no small way down to your awesome selection. What a unbelievably terrific night. Such memories, even as I write this. Thank you for an outstanding job.

Maria (40th Birthday Party)

I know you're not Italian, but you wouldn't know it by your choice in music. Antony and I (and all of my family) think you are amazing. You had every song we asked for, and we asked for a lot! Just how much music do you have? How can you know of so much Italian singers and songs? My feet and throat are sore from dancing and singing all night. Thank you, Mike. You are a beautiful man.

Maryanne (40th Birthday Party)

I was so impressed with your attention to detail and how you handled the entire evening with class and style. As MC, you were superb, as DJ, you kicked ass! You had all of my guests up and dancing at some point through the night, even my brother! (I didn't think he could or would dance anywhere, ever). What a special night. You have professionalism nailed down! Thank you.

Merideth (50th Birthday Party)

Thank you for doing such a great job. I had a wonderful night, which was made all the more special. Great music and a great night.

Sandra (30th Birthday Party)

Now I can say I know a great DJ to recommend to all of my friends. All of my friends who weren't there, of course, as those who were there already know it. Thanks a million for the best night in a long time.

Scott (50th Birthday Party)

I must admit that when Trish told me she had organised a party with a DJ I cringed and said that it would be a fizzer. I have no problem in admitting how wrong I was. Mind you, I have never heard a DJ as good as you. Well done, mate. Now I want you back for Trish's birthday.

Tom (21st Birthday Party)

Worth every cent! You had my parents' place kicking! Great show! Thanks!

Toni (40th Birthday Party)

Wonderful! Marvelous! Well done you, and thank you for helping make my "big night" the success it was. See you at my next "0" birthday...

Tony (21st Birthday Party)

Hey dude! Thanks heaps for a blast of a party! You rock! Great music including all I asked for and all my friends' requests, too. I loved the pics you took as well.

Trish (50th Birthday Party)

I saw you perform at a girlfriend's birthday and knew I had to book you for my husband's, and of course, mine. You certainly know what to play and just when to play it. Another successful night that I can put down to you. Thank you again. Scott says thank you again, too.

Tyler (40th Birthday Party)

If everyone put the care and attention to detail in their work that you did at my party, the world would be a better place. Alright, that's probably a bit much, but thank you sooooo much for being the perfect DJ for my big night. It's 3 months later and I had to write to you out of guilt, as all of my friends and rellies are still raving about my party and you in particular.

Walter (Wally) (50th Birthday Party)

Thank you for doing a wonderful job as DJ for my 50th birthday. You read the crowd perfectly and all had a tremendous time, thanks largely to you. I wish you every success in the future, although your work speaks for itself.

Corporate and Sporting Club Events

Colin (soccer club) 

Thanks for a great night. Very professional and I think just right for the mix of people that attended. The photos are a bonus and a welcome addition.

David (brewery) 

Now that's what I call a party! A few sore heads as I write this, but thank from everyone who was there. (With the possible exception of my wife that keeps swearing all day about her sore feet from dancing too much). It was great! Thanks.

Danielle (department store) 

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job at our end of year staff function. Everyone had a awesome time.

Graham (football club) 

"Thank you" seems somewhat inadequate to describe the gratitude the club feels to the wonderful performance you gave. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and it's all down to you. 

James (football club 1) 

Just a quick note to say thank you for providing the club with a successful and fun night. It's now 2 weeks later and many members are still talking about it and wanting you back for another one.

James (football club 2) 

Thank you once more. I am so glad we got you back again this year for another great night. I wish we could have functions like that more often. You can be sure of 1 thing, you will be our DJ. Might as well have the best...again.

James (football club 3) 

Great job! Well done. Thank you for your continued professionalism and great selection of music that had the whole club alive and in party mode, right up to the end. We only stopped because we were worn out.

Josh (hairdressing salon social club) 

Well, weren't you the big surprise? Fabulous work. My heartfelt thanks for entertaining us all so well all night long. 

Liam (football club) 

Thank you for helping the club's fundraising night go off with a blast. As you know, the party kept going strong to the point of extending the finish time 3 times. All of that is down to you and your abilities. Best DJ I have ever heard, anywhere!

Michelle (department store) 

A very big thank you to our wonderful DJ who made our Christmas party the talking point around the office for over a week. Great! Great! Great! 

MS Society (charity function 1) 

Thanks very much for your support and work in promoting the MS Society. Your help was gratefully appreciated. Loved the music! You had the place jumping! Well done!

MS Society (charity function 2)

Thank you for giving your time and expertise. The night was certainly a success. You certainly know how to read a crowd and pick the right music to get them going. I suppose that's why you are the best!

Peter (football club) 

Thought I'd drop you a quick line to mention how appreciative the club is with your work recently. Loads of positive comments from staff and members about the music and your job as both DJ and MC. Many thanks for helping make the night a huge success.

Philippa (pharmacy social club) 

O.k It's all your fault! Sore heads, sore feet and all! Well done and many thanks for a mega night! 

Roxanne (Roxy) (department store 1) 

Thank you Mike for putting on a show that staff and clients alike are still talking about in glowing terms. Can we have you again next year?

Roxanne (Roxy) (department store 2) 

Mike, a really big thank you (a 2nd time) for another night of dancing and fun! It was our absolute pleasure!

Scott (karate grading) 

You did a great job on Saturday, especially during the 2nd Dans at the end of the day. The music really added something to their grading and I know that those who spoke to me since said that the music really helped fire them along when they were really, really tired. Well done.

Shane (hairdressing function) 

Another satisfied customer here. More than satisfied. Great job by a consummate professional. Such a pleasure to hire a performer who far exceeded our expectations and turned a great night into a tremendously exceptional one. On behalf of my staff, partners and friends (and myself), thank you. 

Sharon (medical company) 

My face is still hurting from smiling so much and my feet because of the dancing. What a fantastic night you gave us all! thank you so much for being so professional in your manner and so bloody talented with the music. You made our night! 

Taylor (department store) 

Mike, you have a lot to answer for, mister! A lot of bloody sore feet from waaaay too much dancing. Thanks, hon.

Terri (medical company 1) 

Anyone who can keep both my staff and my clients happy all night and raving about it weeks later deserves a very big thank you in my book. THANK YOU! Congrats for being better than we dreamed possible for our little company's function. You're a fabulous talent and we're looking forward to next year already.

Terri (medical company 2) 

You did it again! Wow! What a night! Well done and thank you. Perfect music for a memorable night. The BEST night!

Wayne (football club 1) 

Mike, as you are well aware, the club was going under financially, and we thought we'd go out with a bang! What you are probably not ware of if the fact that as a result of the sterling work you did, the night was a complete success, beyond our dreams in that we raised enough money to keep it going for another year. On behalf of all the kids and their parents and everyone at the club, a very big thank you. Can we have you back again this time next year?

Wayne (football club 2) 

Mike, as a direct result of your ability to put on such a great night, 1 of the night's guests have agreed to sponsor the club and keep it afloat for another 2 years! Well done and our gratitude always.

Wayne (football club 3) 

Mike, for a 3rd year in a row you have maintained a very high standard of entertainment. I am sure I speak for most (if not all) of the club when I say that we are so glad that we found you that 1st year and have been extremely fortunate to have you back again and again. As you are know doubt aware, next year we will merge with another club and they want you for the end of season party, too. See you then, and thanks.


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