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If you like what you have seen so far, give us a call our email for more information. Following are some commonly asked questions by clients. If you have any other questions you would like answered, do not hesitate in contacting Star Australia for more information.


When will the DJ set up?
The time of set up is organised in liason with the venue. Most functions are set around 1pm.

When will the DJ arrive for the start of the function?
Usually around 15-30 minutes prior to the function's official start time. 

How much room does the DJ need for their equipment?

The international standard space required for most DJ functions (allowing for the desk, light and speaker stands is 3m wide x 2m deep.

Does the DJ require power?

Yes. A standard powerpoint is all that is necessary. For functions at private venues, try to make sure that any appliance with a thermostat (coffee machine and the like) is on a separate circuit, to avoid a "spike" going through the speakers, every time the thermostat kicks in.

Does the DJ require a table, or anything else?

No. All Star Australia DJs carry all the equipment they need, and this is included in the service.

Do I need to cater for the DJ?

With the exception of water or soft drink, it is not a requirement. If you choose to allow the DJ to have a main course (or food from cocktail service), it will be gratefully appreciated, especially as the DJ will be working for (at least) 6-8 hours, non-stop (on average). The DJ does not need any other area to consume food. All Star Australia DJs are able to eat at their own DJ console area.

How long will the DJ play for?

All Star Australia functions are quoted on an (up to) 6 hour basis. All Star Australia DJs are ready to go from prior to the agreed start time of the booking, right up until the agreed finish time. Obviously the setting up and packing up of equipment is additional time, outside of the booking, (and there is no extra charge, with the exception of venues with stairs and/or paid car parking). See the DJ/MC page for those extra fees. 

Can the DJ play longer than the agreed booking time?

Yes. If you would like the DJ to continue playing (and the venue has already given permission), just consult with the DJ (at least 30 minutes) prior to the agreed booking finish time. See the DJ/MC page for the extra time fee.

Can the DJ, MC my function?

Yes, of course. All Star Australia DJs are extremely competent (and more than happy) to make any announcements you may require. There is no extra charge for this service.

Will the DJ have a microphone?

Yes. In fact, all Star Australia DJs carry (at least) 3 microphones with them to almost all functions, including 2 cordless UHF and 1 corded microphone. This includes cordless functions at the beach, in national parks, and on boats.

Can the DJ play my own music?

All Star Australia DJs run a digital service, and are happy to play any music provided to them. Whether your music is on cd, dvd, avi, mpeg, wma, mp3, m4a, wav, or almost any other format, chances are we can play it. All Star Australia DJs are also available to play music through their consoles from other external device(s) of yours, including usb thumb drives and hard disc drives, laptops, projectors, iPods, iPads, (most) digital phones, and almost any other digital (or even analog) piece of equipment.

Can the DJ take requests?

Of course. Under the instruction of the function organiser (usually that is you), Star Australia DJs are more than happy to take requests. All Star Australia DJs have (a minimum of) 150,000 songs with them at (almost all) functions. Often they carry far in excess of 250,000 songs.

When do I pay the DJ?

All accounts should be finalised prior to the booking's commencement. See the DJ/MC page for payment of extra time.


Can I get the voiceover artist extra scripts at the time of recording?

Yes. The Star Australia voiceover artist carries extra contracts with them , for just such a situation. The fee(s) and payment arrangements will be made at that time, accompanied by a video and audio recording of you accepting the terms and conditions.

Will there be any extra charge for recording time?

No. Star Australia voiceover services only charge for the work, not the time it takes.


Can Star Australia organise a film or tv star (or celebrity), or recording artist(s), or anybody else I would like to perform at my function, or record a voiceover session?

In most cases, yes. We have, on many an occasion. Star Australia has many contacts in the media and entertainment industries, all over the world, and can work on your behalf to contact and try to negotiate a booking. Obviously, there is a fee involved. As you would imagine, the fee(s) vary, depending on who you are after, where, and for how long. Just contact us for more information.

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